November 5, 2020


The White Lotus is an Interior Design and Consultancy Firm, committed to creating classy and comfortable aesthetics for existing and new spaces. Whatever you desire, we deliver – with class, competence and economy. When poetry and art are expressed in spaces, that’s The White Lotus imprint. We are all about delivering elegant, seamless and timeless solutions that fit your style and budget.

Our process is simple, sensitive, and respectful of your time and thought. Inspired by a genuine love of design, we blend our fiery imagination with a free-spirited demeanour to amplify all kinds of spaces. We go above and beyond the conventional “interior design”. While our niche is to understand the elements of diverse spaces and refurbish them, we tap into other fortes as well.

We are always raring to take on projects of any scale and scope- ready to adapt our fastidious and flexible skill-set to suit the best of our client’s needs. Our mantra is to focus on details-details-and more details as we weave in the vibe you want to any space.

The White Lotus is currently based in Chennai, however, interior design consultation are available for properties in Bangalore and Cochin.

The Founder

Nirmala is both a dreamer and a doer who bubbles with a sense of effervescence. A love of oddities combined with a flair for décor renders her as the go-to person for interior decoration. For Nirmala, space is more than a spiritual dimension of architecture; it is about transcending functionality to reflect human values.

With a career spanning three decades in real estate development and designs in Chennai and Bangalore, Nirmala Rajan’s passion for interior design is grounded in a comprehensive knowledge of decor, architecture, engineering and logistical planning. The White Lotus leverages on Nirmala as its founder and principle designer.

Classy and confident, her style influences that special median between sophistication and warmth; blending eclectic tastes while upholding a commitment to details. Nirmala understands that the role of inner space is to create a flow of energy and elegance without compromising on the client’s preferences.

“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of furniture.”