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I decided that my new topic would be to show my take on creating a space that‟s personal, vibrant and states, “That‟s my happy space”, literally and figuratively.There is now so much talk of the New Normal and the eccentricities that go with it. It‟s the work from home culture that continues even after a year, the children have online classes, where the parent, needs to juggle sitting with them, home work/house work/ feeding the perpetual hungry army and of course the paying job.
Kudos to the Mothers‟ who handle it all, and I dedicate this article to a dear friend, Nidhi with her two young ones, who does all the above and more with aplomb, has been my muse to be creative in carving out one’s own ‘ Go To Space ‘. So, what do we really need, to create that ambience that‟s our time out place, to read a book, write, listen to music etc,. undisturbed? A comfy chair, ( of course ) a pouffe/ottoman to put up your feet, that‟s a must, a floor/table lamp, any random table, flowers, some munchies and coffee or a glass of wine and your favourite books. And now we have it all. Looking at the various websites, the photographs were so amazing, perfect and cosy and a tad pricey to recreate. So, I donned the hat of creating my own take on this hallowed space with the only condition to myself that I only use whats available at home.
And readers, here are the results. I so hope you enjoy seeing this post and wish that you create your own super special corners and share them with me.

The first room, I did was my Dad`s bedroom. A tiny corner transformed to this “Wow” space

And that‟s all it required, to give it that special place. The table is old that‟s seen it’s glory aeons ago, but it looks rather grand here. There was not enough place to accommodate a pouffe. Hence the cushions to rest one`s feet.

The before and after photos of a corner in my bedroom

The industrial lamp placed on a narrow nesting table, these two chairs and the ottoman completes the corner. Put up your feet and sip on a glass of wine. Perfect to relax at the end of the day with your partner.

The next corner that I chose was the family room and it was fun trying to bring in more colour and pizzazz, and scouring the house to showcase forgotten pieces.

A plant stand brings in the freshness and immediately transforms the corner. The carpet was bought twenty years ago and adds that extra warmth to the space.

To binge watch on Netflix or read while sipping tea and gorging on some homemade chocolates, ooh, this truly is my recharge space.

Embrace the power of plants

Now, this open area is my tuning in with nature, as soon as I wake up. With a tiny cup of coffee , sprouted nuts, listening to the cacophony of the birds, the light wind with the gentle wind chime, and the amazing green cover just envelopes me. I know it’s going to be a beautiful day. Jotting down my to-do list, reading or even listening to some invigorating talk / music is how I jump start my new day.

The money plants, lemon grass and the mint basil, steeped in hot water for that special pepper mint tea, randomly placed is just so easy to create…

How about the Floor ?

This is what I did to a corner in the family room. A carpet, or a foldable mattress, a few large cushions and voila, a space is created to stretch, play board games with the kids or even catch a cat nap!

I found an old ceramic wishing well, stashed in the loft to stock a few books. It‟s just amazing, how easy it is to get into designing your own special space.

My Pièce de résistance

And lastly, a scruffy corner transformed into this beautiful space.

A Wing chair complimented with an ottoman from Centaur is a beautiful piece of furniture and the ultimate for me. This piece was bought 9 years ago and the fabric has worn well. A timeless, classic chair. It is so comfortable to sit, slouch or even stretch, curl up your feet, cuddle up with your kids, the time out place.

The sunflowers brings in so much cheer. The book trolley is an amazing buy from Temple Town.

And with this, I share with you, my ideas with a hope that you would create your own wonderful space and share it with me at One more tip, Floor lamps are a wonderful accessory to give it that extra touch of class. I have shared three links. Fab India has a few pieces that include tiered shelves, which removes the need for a table.