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Jhoolas have traditionally been part of many ancestral Indian homes and of course the Indian cinema. It is a quintessential piece of furniture – poetry in motion in our homes that celebrates life. Jhulas are and can be used in any part of the house.
Mani Ratnam uses the Jhoola to capture a couple’s journey in scenes of togetherness when young…

……And Old

“Give me a swing and all maturity goes out the window.”

The sight of a swing, to me evokes a sense of free spirit and comfort and smiles. It brings back memories of my childhood and wonderment and soothes frazzled nerves instantly.

So, why not add that touch of traditional design or even a contemporary one indoors? Its fun and the options are amazing.
The White Lotus has teamed up with TEMPLE TOWN to show case some of the pieces that the founder Meera recreates using her favourite and mine too – Teak.
TEMPLE TOWN is a colonial furniture store from Thrissur, Kerala, South India. Their furniture is handcrafted from recycled and responsibly sourced teak wood to last generations and have a soul beyond fashionable seasons. They make bespoke furniture, and can customise sizes and patterns according to your requirements.
Please find below links to their website and social media channels. Meera, who hails from Kerala believes that teak is for keeps and furthermore it is available locally and says “When we are putting in the same amount of labour and polish, we might as well invest in good wood. An inherent trait of teak is that it doesn’t warp nor does it weft like other woods.”
TEMPLE TOWN – Instagram
To me, I find that Teak tends to age ever so beautiful from the colour of the wood too even the ‘patterns’ on it. And the show begins!
Below are some of the beautifully crafted swings by Temple Town.
The prices shown are inclusive of all taxes excluding shipping. There is always a special bonus, when it comes to The White Lotus customers!

Price Rs. 45000.00 (Brass chain included)

An Old time Kerala Wooden Swing, with Woven Wooden Cane Centre
Price – Rs. 40000.00 (chains included)

A teak Wood Jhula for Balcony
Price – Rs. 52000.00

Teak Wood Swing
Price – Rs. 60000.00

Beautiful Indian Swing Bench – Carved from Solid Teak Wood and comes with the Brass chain.
Price: Rs 41000.00

A Traditional Hand Carved Teak Wood Swing for the Living Room
PRICE: Rs-2.00 lacs

A Teak Wood Jhula
PRICE : Rs-1.5 Lacs.

"Mood swing,
As a child I would play,
On my mood swing every day.
It still new
And hardly frayed,
It would take me up and back away.
If someone pushed me up
I'd say,
"This is such a beautiful day!"

Below are some ideas on how one can place a swing in their homes.

As captured in this image by Photographer Nicolas Matheus, an indoor swing can be just as simple as one you’d find hanging from a tree in the backyard.

Pro tip from Ringbom: Step up a simple conversation corner by hanging two swings facing each other on a diagonal.

According to Pooja Khanna Tyagi, Houzz India contributor:
As living room seating-Don’t think twice about making a style statement with a nice, big jhula in the living room. Find a good position (ideally, it should be a part of your formal seating setup), install it from the ceiling and make sure the upholstery complements, if not matches the other sofas.
Tip: If you don’t wish to deviate from the modern tone of your space, consider a contemporary swing. Hang it with SS strings and make sure the cushioning is comfortable. If you have a small apartment, you could suspend it in between the living and the dining area so as to create a semi-formal demarcation.

Images credits: Houzz, sortra.com, Lushome, Nicolas Matheus, Ringbom, House and Beautiful