Beyond Interiors


JHULA, JHOOLAA, ZHULA Jhoolas have traditionally been part of many ancestral Indian homes and of course the Indian cinema. It is a quintessential piece of furniture – poetry in motion in our homes that celebrates life. Jhulas are and can be used in any part of the house.Mani Ratnam uses the Jhoola to capture a couple’s journey in scenes of togetherness when young… ……And Old “Give me a swing and all maturity goes out the


In every home or work space the placement of paintings always tends to add color and brings out a whole new perspective to the ambience of a space. It is said that “A picture paints a thousand words” and any art piece can always be a conversational piece in any surrounding. Be it a collector’s piece or a quirky piece that catches one’s eye, every picture or art will always bring out a personality of

Table Lamps

I was house bound for the last three days and wanted to choose a topic that resonated with me. My initial thoughts prior to the self-imposed quiet time was to meet an interesting dealer of Antique Carpets and his knowledge of the old Juxtaposed with the modern is illuminating to hear. Oh well, I will keep that for my next week musing. Letting the keyboard choose my next musing, I have now swayed towards Table