Beyond Interiors

Written by: Nirmala Rajan

Cozy Corners

Hello,I decided that my new topic would be to show my take on creating a space that‟s personal, vibrant and states, “That‟s my happy space”, literally and figuratively.There is now so much talk of the New Normal and the eccentricities that go with it. It‟s the work from home culture that continues even after a year, the children have online classes, where the parent, needs to juggle sitting with them, home work/house work/ feeding the


The Art of Framing I have often wondered whether a frame tends to bring out the beauty of a picture or painting or was it just meant to take a backseat and allow the picture or painting to only take the lime light. Reminds me of that saying by Hafiz, a Persian poet, “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like

Window Covering – Part 2

The Art of dressing Windows Windows are such an important component of any room. They allow natural light to filter through, provides air circulation, creates a flow, guides your furniture arrangement, and is your connection to the outside world. With windows the next accessory is the ‘dress’ the window wears, this is usually by having curtains or blinds. If your curtains or blinds tend to look tired, untidy or just boring, it’s time to give

Window Covering -Curtains -Part1

A Conversation with Priti Haksar of MOD Furnishing I started wanting to write a piece on Window Covering focusing on Curtains. The focus was to present a piece on the more technical aspect of curtains, the material, patterns etc. – in line with the ideology of The White Lotus, presenting pieces of interiors that will further enhance one’s home.I reached out to one of my favourite people, Mrs. Priti Haksar.Priti Haksar has been in this

The Accent Chair

have always loved the placement of the Odd chair or the Accent seater that livens up what normally is a predictable sofa seating arrangement in the Living room. It’s kind of brings out a whimsical tone to the room. Whether upholstered in print or plain or even with patchwork, choices are a plenty. While we do see a lot of designs around the world, I have decided to showcase a few from my favorite stores,

Creative Wall Plates

It was a random visit to the Jew street, in Mattanchery, Cochin, over fifteen years ago that spurred me to buy an old endearing Chipped round plate, that was the precursor of my plate collection. Shapes and size don’t matter and the quirkier it is the better.Having collected plates over the years, I then decided to display the same and the wall was going to be the canvas for my favorite plate collection. Here now


Tabriz , I always thought it was this mystical place, brought alive by The Shams of Tabriz in Elif Shafak`s book, The Forty Rules of Love, a love story that is a must read. Tabriz, is the capital city of East Azerbaijan in Iran and it literally means- A Persian rug usually having a cotton warp, firm wool pile, and a medallion design. And wonder where all this leading to, well to my next musing


JHULA, JHOOLAA, ZHULA Jhoolas have traditionally been part of many ancestral Indian homes and of course the Indian cinema. It is a quintessential piece of furniture – poetry in motion in our homes that celebrates life. Jhulas are and can be used in any part of the house.Mani Ratnam uses the Jhoola to capture a couple’s journey in scenes of togetherness when young… ……And Old “Give me a swing and all maturity goes out the


In every home or work space the placement of paintings always tends to add color and brings out a whole new perspective to the ambience of a space. It is said that “A picture paints a thousand words” and any art piece can always be a conversational piece in any surrounding. Be it a collector’s piece or a quirky piece that catches one’s eye, every picture or art will always bring out a personality of

Table Lamps

I was house bound for the last three days and wanted to choose a topic that resonated with me. My initial thoughts prior to the self-imposed quiet time was to meet an interesting dealer of Antique Carpets and his knowledge of the old Juxtaposed with the modern is illuminating to hear. Oh well, I will keep that for my next week musing. Letting the keyboard choose my next musing, I have now swayed towards Table